Thank you for purchasing our jewelry. We want our jewelry to make you happy so can wear it every day.  

We use .925 Sterling Silver or 14k gold metals which are not plated or coated. Most of our stones are lab-created stones. Lab-created gemstones are ethical and affordable alternative to earth-mined gems.

We use both simulated and synthetic gemstones.

 Simulated (sounds like similar) they look like the natural stone but do not possess the chemical and physical properties of actual stones like cubic zirconia (CZ), Moissanite, and YAG.

Synthetic (sounds like authentic) gemstones which are created under heat and pressure in a controlled environment; they have the same chemical composition as mined stones but are created in a laboratory.

Upon request we can use natural, ethically mined, gemstones. This will affect the price and shipping time.

Your jewelry is special, treat it as such.  Avoid wearing your jewelry during exercise, sleep, or in the shower. It is best to avoid wearing jewelry while swimming or cleaning because chemicals can damage the metal/stone. Put your jewelry on after you have applied perfume and hairspray these chemicals can affect your jewelry too!  The less contact with moisture and chemicals will prolong the life, luster, and beauty of your jewelry.

With a soft cloth lightly rub down your jewelry after every wear to remove oils, dirt and chemicals. This will also polish the jewelry and help keep it from tarnishing (turning grey) do not use paper towel or tissues as they can scratch your metal.

To cleaning your jewelry, use mild soap, warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Store jewelry individually in a sealable bag. Storing jewelry this way will slow down the oxidation process, and prevent jewelry from scratching or getting damaged.