Jewelry with Stardust, Love, and Memories
Jewelry with Stardust, Love, and Memories
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I remember playing in my mom jewelry box as a child. It was full of shiny, magical objects that she treasured and each piece told a story. Her jewelry reminded me of the constellation, they were shiny objects that marked a passage of time, filled with memories, hopes and dreams. Most of all they contained magic and love.
I loved hearing her stories. In college I studied anthropology; I was intrigued by studying people, their behavior, rituals and interactions with other and environment.  As my studies expanded, I grew to appreciate how people used works of art to tell  stories.  Jewelry became my primary focus because of its personal nature.
Years later, I inherited my mom’s jewelry when her Alzheimer became too much for her. As we went through each piece, she would tell its story, which was her story. Recently, I was wearing one of her pieces when a friend commented on it, I began to tell the story of how it was a part of her life and now was a part of mine. In that moment, I realized the power of jewelry to tell our stories and how a piece of jewelry has a story of its own that changes when a person wears it.